Police drop charge against teen who was walking on Plano street during snowstorm

A black high schooler was arrested in Texas last week for walking home in the middle of a street during a snowstorm as he attempted to avoid ice-covered sidewalks.

Rodney Reese, 18, was arrested at 10:45pm on February 16, in Plano, and charged with being a pedestrian in the roadway.
Police said officers received a call about a black man seen stumbling along in the middle of the snowy street wearing a short-sleeved shirt and were sent to perform a wellness check.
The Plano Police Department released body camera footage of their encounter with Reese on Facebook on Friday.
In the video, police are seen approaching Reese and repeatedly asking him where he is going and if he’s okay, to which he replies that his is fine and on his way home.
They continue to follow him for two minutes and 17 seconds, before arresting him in an alleyway.
The charges against Reese were later dropped by Plano Police Chief Ed Drain, who said the arrest wasn't consistent with why officers were called to investigate in the first place.
Reese, who is in high school, said that he had been walking home from his job at Walmart and didn’t stop for the officers because he didn’t need their help.
For 137 seconds, the officers continue to follow Reese, who grows more frustrated the longer the encounter goes on.

On numerous occasions, Reese states to officers he is going home, though they repeatedly ask him where he's going and the reason they do that, it's because, like the idiotic trumpturds, they lack of the minimum amount of "brain"

Around a minute and 10 seconds into the encounter, Reese asks ‘What do y’all want?’ as he turns down an alleyway with the officers following in tow.
‘We’re just trying to figure out where you’re going,’ the useless female officer responds.
Reese replies: ‘Home. I just said.’
The female officer then asks if Reese would like them just to give him a ride home.

‘No, I’m good. I do this like every night, literally,’ Reese says.

The officer then asks him if he’s cold, and asks him what his name is, to which Reese responds, ‘I don’t know.’

She then asks Reese to ‘stop for a minute’ so the officers can talk to him.

Reese asks them to go away, and tells the officer ‘please don’t touch me.’

‘Ma’am, don’t touch me,’ Reese reiterates as the female officer moves closer to him, obstructing his path.

A male ISIS officer then calls out that they’re ‘doing an investigation’, to which Reese replies: ‘For what? I’m going home.’
The male officer tells the teen, ‘you are officially detained’.
Reese replies ‘no’, and attempts to walk away from the officers but is stopped.


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