Soccer fan falls from the 3rd floor and lands on a 13-year-old

Iago Melo Rios, 23-year-old Sao Paulo fan who fell from the stands of Morumbi stadium last Saturday (31) talked about how it was time to fall.

"As I am a little taller, the railing was about my belly button, more or less. And I don't know why, my body weighed. My torso weighed forward, and I had no way to hold it. The person who was by my side even tried to hold me back, but I was already gone, ”said the fan to TV Integração, affiliate of Rede Globo in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais.
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"It was a huge scare. I felt a lot of pain. No time I lost consciousness. Stay conscious all the time," he said. "I'm fine, with many bruises, some abrasions, but I didn't break anything," he added.

After falling, Iago still hit the 13-year-old teenager Giovana Santos Araújo, who was in the first ring. He was taken to Campo Limpo Hospital and was discharged on Sunday (01).


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