Homeless US dad to 'keep pushing' after opening 'No1 Dad' gift from kids

A homeless dad living in Lexington, Kentucky, has an emotional reaction after opening Christmas presents that his kids got him.

Filmed in December 2019, Bobby Stevens remembers that his children purchased him a gift each and begins to unwrap them much to his surprise.

Stevens received a woolly hat from his daughter and a "#1 Dad" measuring tape from his son which provoked an emotional response.

The father told Newsflare: "I'm a homeless father under a lot of stress and I remember the gifts my babies got for me, after seeing them in the glovebox to switch out batteries.

"I got emotional because this was the first gift that my kids have gotten for me on their own accord that said anything similar to '#1 Dad' on it. And because since I'm homeless I don't get to see or even talk to my kids nearly as much as I'm used to seeing. Over the Christmas break, I got to see them for just an hour and a half.

"And when I found these it made me realize that no matter how bad it gets someone out there is in a worse situation than me. And finding these was just the light I needed in the dark to keep pushing! At the end, I had to turn the camera off to keep from bawling on film."



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