Portrait of an Engineer - 1954

Saturday Cinema - on the rails.... 'Ted Willis' is the Chief Engineer at the world famous Vulcan Works based in Newton-le-Willows Lancashire who have turned out massive locomotives for over 100 years which have been exported to nearly every continent in the world... this is one of the first 'Days-in-the-life-of' series of films from 1954.

Vulcan Foundry (later 'Railway Works') was established in the middle of the 1800's and for a 150 years turned out millions of locomotives of every type and size...er, I may have exaggerated the number slightly...but, come the late 1990's the firm changed hands several times was merged with other companies and now no longer exists and the site was closed and redeveloped as an industrial estate and housing estate :-(

Caution: Rail Related Malarkey of the highest order aimed more at Rivet Counters and the cognoscenti - any self harmers are advised to steer well clear of this filum.



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Location: Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire, United Kingdom.