Ford Driver Blocks Ambulance Rushing Child To ICU

This footage shows a stubborn driver refusing to move for an ambulance carrying a critically ill boy to a hospital's intensive care ward.

The distressing incident happened on Taiwan’s National Freeway 1 over the northern city of Hsinchu during the child’s 100-mile journey to Taipei Veterans General Hospital in the island’s capital.

Wei Ting, the mum from Taichung City in West Taiwan, did not reveal why her son needed critical care, but said she called an ambulance because she feared he would not survive the trip which usually takes over two hours.

However, video from the motorway shows the paramedics transporting the child finding themselves stuck behind the dark green Ford saloon, with the driver seemingly refusing to move out the way for the emergency vehicle.



By: ViralTab Video (11889.00)

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Location: Taiwan