Crocodile with tire stuck round neck reappears in Indonesia after failed efforts to remove the item

A crocodile with a tire stuck around its neck for five years appeared in the river again after hiding from people for eight months in Indonesia.

The 13ft-long reptile was seen again in the Palu River of Central Sulawesi province on November 23.

Resident Bagus Mohammed found the creature swimming near the bridge connecting two villages in the area.

He said: "I accidentally saw him this morning near the bridge connecting Nunu and Miangas Villages.

"There have been many volunteers who have tried to save the crocodile. I feel sorry for him.''

The endangered Siamese crocodile was first seen in 2016 with the rubber tire from a Vespa scooter stuck on its body. Wildlife officials feared that the reptile could keep growing and eventually be strangled by the item, which is too strong to stretch.

Locals have been trying to remove the tire ever since without success. Officials have tried luring the beast out of the river with chicken but it has refused.

The croc was last seen in March when it gained international attention because of the tire stuck around its neck.

Wildlife conservationists from the US and Australia even visited the river where it was living while authorities even offered a reward to anyone who could rescue it.

A local rescue operation involving Australian reptile expert Matt Wright and Animal Planet television host Forrest Galante was held in February.

Together with local officials, they used nets and a live chicken bait to capture the animal.

However, the rescue operation failed due to swift river currents and the crocodile consistently moved around evading the nets.

The rescue was then postponed due to the pandemic.

Now, the crocodile has apparently grown after months of hiding which made the tyre choke it even more so authorities said they are speeding up the rescue.

Local Crocodile Search Task Force Head Haruna, said they will resume with the rescue operation when the Covid-19 pandemic eases.

He said: "We will continue the evacuation after the Covid-19 pandemic. We will resume it as soon as possible."


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