Trolling a Pro-Life Protestor Fail. Turns Into Me Almost Getting Into RoadRage

Skip to 25 seconds in. Not the most exciting video.

I had planned on trolling the protestor and recording his response. But instead the car in front of me at the light never noticed the light turned green. My horn went out over the winter, so I just revved my engine instead.

Took the bitch forever to start moving. Also after I yell “kill all babies” I immediately get quiet and put my phone down.

That’s because some dumb black bitch behind me tried to drive around us, almost smashing into me on the left turn because I didn’t see her.

Like I said, not that exciting, but that was my day today.

Edit: Actually you can see the dumb bitch flying past me while I’m yelling at the dude.


By: |Goose| (484.60)

Tags: Road rage, Pro-life,

Location: Ky