liveleak christmas challenge (Leak AID)

Its A bit of a giggle,
To enter need to be a liveleak user, own a camera, be a crappy mime and capable of uploading a video.

just have to choose the singer wish to be (see song from 02:30) , mime the appropriate parts for your chosen singer, submit the videos via private link and trust in the process of making 2000 people smile if just for five minutes. It is not easy to do this and if you commit to the challenge and find you cannot do it there is no failure clause. Just let me know in time to find a suitable replacement.

There are 10 - 15 spaces open..

Unfortunately for all you U2 fans, i already have the Bono position confirmed, but the rest are all available.

Also there's a chorus section where they sing "Feed the world, let them know its christmas time" that really can have as many of you in it as want to participate. (I would expect sloop or papapang or JRstress to come out of semi retirement to help.

Here are the list of singers and there are some i cannot figure out, (see video)

1 paul young
2 boy George
3 Phil Collins on drums
4 Wham guy George Michael
5 duran duran simon lebon
6 Stinger
7 Tony Hadley
8 Bono (have this lined up from Vegas)

two guys here don't know his name anyone any clues???

9 Midgur

Feed the world multiple x 7

10 Rick from Status Quo

11 bob Geldof
12 Paula Yeats

We have until 10th of december to have each piece ready. Thanks for your time.

this is the version we're going from on youtube

sorry for spamming you all, i'll soon run out of steam

poll: This is a

idea that will leave others feeling left out
learning experience for sure
far reaching concept
Something else see comment
reason to have another beer
copyright infringement
Hello Kitty onezy
idea doomed to failure
Shit idea
Great idea


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