Heartbroken pet dog waits by body of master killed in car from falling tree

This is the heartbreaking moment a loyal pet dog was found sitting by its owner's dead body after she was killed by a falling tree.

The white poodle, named Mah, was travelling in the silver pickup truck with Boonsuan Chairat, 55, and his wife Kasem, 55, during a storm in Chaiyaphum, northeastern Thailand on Sunday afternoon (May 24).

Midway through the journey a tree was blown over and landed on top of the car, crushing Kasem and killing her instantly. Her husband was trapped in the vehicle and was unconscious.

Paramedics arrived and found the loyal pooch whimpering inside mangled vehicle. The heartbroken dog was injured but was selflessly trying to revive its dead owner.

The rescue team removed the victim and placed her on a stretcher. Pictures show the loyal dog sitting beside his 'mother' while the workers were battling to save the injured driver and free him from the wreckage.

The police later arrived and sent the dog to the vets. Officers believe the tree was brought down by the strong winds from a tropical storm and it landed on the car in a freak accident.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Natthaphan Dechponkrang said the loyal pooch will be cared for by the vets until the driver or his family can take him home.

He said: "The pet dog has been sent to the vets for the treatment and will stay there until the driver or their family are ready to take him home.

"It was heartbreaking for us to see the dog caring for his owner more than himself even though he was also suffering from the injury."



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