Life Gone In 30 Seconds

Newlyweds on the way home confronted by an armed robber who wanted everything. Money, cellphones, food bag, and clothes bag. Worker, groom and good son. This is how Augusto Bezerra Silva's father, 24, described the boy, who was killed Saturday night, after reacting to a robbery. In the middle of Father's Day, it was up to him to recognize the victim's body. The scene was recorded by a witness of the crime, which occurred on Maria das Dores Street. The strong images show a helmeted and armed robber approaching Augusto and his bride, who were walking and holding hands. After stealing her purse, he points the gun at the victim, who delivers his cell phone. While the bride manages to escape, Augusto remains facing the robber, who takes off his helmet, points the gun at the victim twice and demands that he leave. After a few seconds of hesitation, Augusto refuses to leave the scene and runs towards the criminal. At this point you can no longer see them in the images and two shots are fired. Augusto was still rescued alive at an Igarassu UPA and, shortly thereafter, was sent to Miguel Arraes Hospital in Paulista, where he died. According to the victim's father, who declined to be named, Augusto worked in a shoe store in a mall, his bride, was not injured. The case is being investigated. No one has been arrested yet.



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теги: Wtf, robber attack, gun point robbery

Местоположение : Paulista - State of Pernambuco, Brazil