Russian streamer of Belarusian origin Andrei Burim, known on the Internet as Mellstroy, smashed the girl's face during a live broadcast.

Young people quarreled during the stream on the Twitch platform. A guest named Alena Efremova asked the blogger to undress in front of the camera to proof that he had a beautiful figure. In response, Burim grabbed Efremova by the head and hit her several times against the table. He also shouted that he had never said anything like that.

On her Instagram page, Efremova called Burim a mentally unstable person and said that he already had administrative responsibility for similar incidents in the past. Efremova is looking for other girls who suffered at his hands in order to file a general lawsuit.


By: Namenlos (2024.10)

Tags: WTF, Russia

Location: Moscow, Russia