Wild monitor lizard runs across woman's TUMMY while she lies down relaxing

This is the hilarious moment a wild monitor lizard ran across a woman's tummy while she was lying on the floor.

Shopkeeper Sangduan Phupakey was relaxing while playing on her phone when the reptile emerged from the corner of the room in Ayutthaya, central Thailand.

CCTV shows how it scampered across the tiles then ran over Sangduan's tummy.

Sangduan leapt to her feet and called for help as neighbours arrived to usher the 2ft long lizard away from the building on June 21.

Married mother-of-two Sangduan said: ''I can't believe it really happened to me, but it did.

''I was playing on my phone so I didn't notice the lizard come into the shop. It must have come from a canal looking for food.

''I've never had such a fright before. Thankfully it was not an aggressive giant lizard and we could get it out of the shop quickly.''



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