Truck hydroplanes and crashes into a group of motorcyclist, injuring 5

Parallels for car users using this road during the rainy season Highway District, Chiang Mai Publish a photo of a pickup truck accident Lost the slippage, hit a motorcycle that had sheltered the rain from the cross tunnel

Today (14 June 62), reporters reported that CCTV reveals pickup truck images Korn 430 Khon Kaen registration number. Drive down the tunnel to pass through the sky. Chiang Mai-Lampang Road Come with speed In the heavy rain and slippery wet roads When downhill to enter the tunnel, the car tried to change into the middle lane. But lost Can not control the car Causing the group to crash into a motorcycle parked to escape the rain on the far left footpath Until falling to the locomotives

This incident occurred yesterday evening (13 June 62), resulting in 5 people injured. Of these, there were 3 severe symptoms, the rest were slightly injured. The pickup truck causes The front bumper condition was demolished. Checked to find Mr. Vichan Siri, the provincial governor of Loei, to be the primary driver of the police.

On the staff of Chiang Mai Highway 2 and traffic police Please warn the car user during this rainy season. Should increase driving caution Especially during the rainy season Because there is water on the road surface Makes the car's adhesion less With a warning to check the condition of the tires in this period as well



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Location: Chiang Mai, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, Thailand