Drivers blocked the Moscow Ring Road to save the dog

The owner of the car and the bikers and drivers who joined him blocked the Moscow Ring Road in order to save the dog stuck in the center of the highway. They did not succeed in this at once - a frightened animal started off from the people. The recorder’s camera captured the rescue operation.

"Wait, friend!" - the dog was convinced by the caring driver, but he continued to run along the concrete chipper, clamped on both sides by a dense stream of cars - at about seven in the evening on Monday, September 9, it was lively.

The mongrel had to persuade for a long time, she kept trying to get away from people, but the noise of cars returned her to the original - to the fence. In the end, drivers of cars and bikers blocked several lanes, creating a kind of corridor - along it the dog reached the curb, and then disappeared into the forest belt.


By: ThisIsButter (38614.60)

Tags: Man save dog, Cars, Ring road