Merkava Mark IVm tank

"The Merkava Mark IVm (Mk 4M) Windbreaker is a Merkava Mark IV equipped with the Trophy active protection system (APS), designated "Meil Ruach" (Hebrew: מעיל רוח‎; "Windbreaker" or "Wind Coat") introduced in 2011.

The serial production of Mark IVm tanks started in 2009 and the first whole brigade of Mark IVms was declared operational in 2011.

The system also notifies the tanks crew of the location that the projectile came from, allowing them to fire back quickly.[7] It can transmit the coordinates to nearby ground and air units through the Tzayad battlefield management system."

Merkava tanks are a heavy tank and they are used currently in Israel since 1979. It is considered similar to the American M1 Abrams tank, the German Leopard 2 tank, the Russian T-72 tank and the British Challenger tank.


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