A "tightrope walker" thief climbed 10 meters to steal cables in Argentina

As if it were a circus show, a thief slipped like a tightrope walker between public wiring at a height of more than 10 meters to appropriate the cables of a neighborhood in Lomas de Zamora, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Juan, the person who filmed it, in dialogue with Latin America News Agency commented that he approached the "tightrope walker" and asked him why he was doing that and the young man without shame told him that he was stealing the cables: “I do it because I don't I have a job, ”he argued.

“He was a young boy. And from what I could find out, everyone knows them because they live in the neighborhood. The copper is paid well now, so with a few kilos that I steal per day. He looked like a Cirque Du Soleil tightrope walker. I couldn't believe what I was seeing ”, he closed.


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Location: Argentina