Man walking home in the Bronx stabbed, punched and robbed by group of attackers

Police are searching for five suspects following a violent mugging in the Bronx.

It happened Sept. 29 at about 4:30 a.m. outside a deli on Courtlandt Avenue in the South Bronx.

Authorities say a 27-year-old man was walking home when he was attacked. He was repeatedly stabbed, punched, and then robbed of $800.

"This happens every weekend, more or less," said resident Daniel Lourtez, who was also mugged in the neighborhood.

"When they robbed me, they knocked me to the ground and two guys hold me down," he said. "They took my cell phone. They didn't take my wallet though because I had it hidden. But they ended up kicking me in the mouth."

In the latest incident, authorities believe one of the attackers stabbed and robbed the victim, while another suspect punched him in the mouth as the other three surrounded the outnumbered victim. They all fled north on Courtlandt Avenue.

The victim was rushed to NYC Health & Hospitals/Lincoln and is expected to survive.



By: Americucks10 (23.60)

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