Motorcyclist Shot in the Back after Kicking the Wrong Driver's Car

A man, 38, was filming a motorcycle tour through the East Zone of Manaus with a camera on his helmet. He eventually recorded the crime in which he was the victim. The man, after an argument in the traffic, was shot in the back. The case happened in the corner between the street Sete and the street of the Penetracao, in the district San José II.

The pictures show the first few minutes of the tour. The motorcyclist walks through streets with little movement for more than a minute, until the moment he is going to cross a junction. The driver of a silver car then threatens to move forward. The motorcyclist scolds him, walks a few meters, but returns to collect satisfactions.

From there, the two exchange profanity and confront each other in a dialogue based on replicas of "you know me?". The two exchange profanity, the motorcyclist kicks the car and accelerates.

Soon after, you can hear a shot clearly. Soon afterwards the rider goes to the ground. Fallen and crying, he asks them to call his brother and shouts, "I'm going to be paralyzed! I'm going to die, bro."

The biker shot was taken to the Hospital João Lúcio and there is still no information on his condition.

The case was registered in the 9th Integrated Police District.


By: Viking Marauder (1231.30)

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Location: Manaus, Brazil