Thief vs Unarmed Secuirty Gaurds

The thief approaches a motorcyclist preparing to go out with his motorcycle. Following, the criminal announces the robbery. Startled, the victim turns around in a vehicle and throws a backpack at the bad guy. When the bad guy picks up the backpack, he is surprised by two security guards who attack him. During the attempted reaction, the criminal shot and hit one of the watchers' leg. The thief was also injured. Then the security guards managed to neutralize the criminal and summon the Military Police and a team from the Mobile Emergency Response Service (Samu). The bandit and the security guard were rescued and sent to the Cuiabá Municipal Hospital (HMC). The health status of those involved was not disclosed.


By: 2415elcapitan (15374.10)

Tags: WTF, thief, unarmed, security, guards