Man caught strangling and skinning dog

Police were called when the suspected dog killer was reportedly seen by teenagers butchering the animals.

The man in his 20s – only known as Nikolay – told officers it was normal in his home country of Kazakhstan to catch and eat the dogs.

"When I lived in Kazakhstan, there were a lot of dogs and it was normal to cook the meat on a barbecue and eat them,” he said.

He confessed: “I used a wire to strangle the dog.

“I was given the animal as payment for a job.”

The man – who was stopped in Chelyabinsk, Russia, – spent one night in the cells.

He later returned to the scene and was met by angry animal activists.

He admitted to them he had killed “hundreds of dogs”.

He added that he had “sold the meat to a fast food kebab takeaway chain” in the city.

The group are now demanding the police launch a criminal investigation into this.

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