Tropical storm batters northern Thailand as residents shelter inside homes

Footage shows a summer storm battering a village in Phayao, northern Thailand this week as residents sheltered inside their homes.

In the , heavy rain is seen pouring down on tin roofs while a strong wind blows on Monday (April 27).

Some of the roofs were blown away while the other houses were damaged by fallen trees.

Authorities who went to survey the area for damages and rescues, but it has been made difficult by the power outage.

Local government officer Adul Phromwat said: "We went straight to the area after the storm had ceased to evaluate the damage.

"However, there was a power outage in the area. It caused us some trouble so we had to stop along the way. We will visit there again after the electricity lines are fixed."

Tropical storms in Thailand have increased over the last two weeks as the country moves into its unpredictable summer period, with soaring temperatures of more than 36C, thunderstorms, lightning and strong downpours.


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Location: Thailand