A car flies on the highway

A shocking accident was recorded this morning when a car traveling at high speed from Av General Paz lost control and after breaking the guardrail fell on a garden bordering the Av del Libertador.
CCTV recorded the moment in which the vehicle, a white Volkswagen Voyage, breaks the guardrail. The 19-year-old driver was transferred to the Pirovano Hospital and then transferred to Tornú, where he remains hospitalized in critical condition: he suffers injuries in right pneumothorax, left hip luxofracture; left ankle fracture; fracture of the frontal sinus and roof of the right orbit with cranial pneumocephalus.
According to witnesses, the car circulated with excessive speed. The "speedometer nailed at 170 kilometers per hour".



By: elrafaargentino (113.00)

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Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina