Sex, Lies and Pedophilia: Top Alaskan Dem Brought Down

The Mayor of Anchorage Alaska and former leader of State Dem Party resigned. The married democrat was caught in a sexual affair with a young reporter from the Anchorage television station.

Maria Athens, the reporter, found he was posting nude photos to a underaged girls web site and went ballistic. She was soon fired, arrested and charged with assault after a heated argument with her left leaning boss at the news station.

The city counsel, under fire by the citizens for the last few months over Covid related lockdowns, rallied around the mayor saying the charges were unfounded. Athens published the photo and the web site and then blasted the news report from her remote location.

Having the evidence out in front of the entire world, the mayor resigned late last week. He admitted to having an inappropriate on-line relationship. Athens had raged on the phone that she couldn't believe she had fallen in love with a pedophile.

Whether their relationship was sexual is left to the viewer to decide.


By: Low UFO (4796.90)

Tags: Anchorage, Scandal, Mayor, Athens

Location: Anchorage, Alaska