Violent pit bull attacks a 7-year-old girl in Argentina as she was walked with her mother

A moment of tension and anguish was experienced in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the town of San Miguel, where a 7-year-old girl was attacked by a pit bull dog as she was walking the street with her on September 26 when the animal was loose without a muzzle.

The fact was registered by the security cameras in the area.

The images show how the animal smells the little girl and almost immediately begins the attack that lasts several minutes and ends when the neighbors manage to set her free as they hear the heartbreaking screams of the girl.

The dog caused an exposed fracture in one of her legs but did not cause her to lose her leg thanks to the rapid surgical intervention. "She is sedated and on medication. The doctors said she has a hip tear and that it is a long process [to heal]," said the aunt.

"My niece was shocked like my sister-in-law, both need a psychologist to attend to them. The baby does not want to eat, she is angry, she cries," added the woman.

The relatives said that the dog was loose, without a collar, without a muzzle and that they had already identified the owner but did not take charge.

"He came yesterday and said that that was not his dog. But later we found out that he had abandoned the dog in the field because the dog had bitten my niece and he also wanted to sell the dog," said Jazmín's aunt. "We need him to come and face this and do justice," he added.


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