Blessings in Jesus Christ reader; if we don't know who the enemy is manifested in the flesh, then we are susceptible to being deceived by them as wolves in sheep's clothing.

Take for instance, Donald Trump, a man who would have never been able to deceive the real Protestant Christians in this nation before 1950, yet now is fully able to.

Even remnant Christians, the elect, are claiming this is a man of God, a born-again believer. And to think, all the politician had to do was say everything we (conservative Christians) wanted to hear and do the things we want done.

Yet, is this just to gain our loyalty for the end game of WW3? All I know is Hilary would have never been able to rally the support of the strongest demographic of America, that is the conservative Christians. Trump though, he's doing a wonderful job for his Catholic/Zionist masters, almost like he was groomed for this acting job all his life.

All of a sudden, Christians believe in the political process, all of a sudden they believe everything a politician says. Hmm, wonder if this is part of the plan...
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By: Robbie LowdownO (6.00)

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