Humpback whale is found in the woods of beach on the island of Marajó, Pará

This Friday (22), a bizarre case unfolded. A humpback whale species was located in an area of forest in the coastal zone of the Inverness municipality of Soure, on the island of Marajó, Pará State.

According to the City Department of health, sanitation and Environment (Semma), the animal, which seems to be an individual adult, was found already dead. It measures 11 meters long by 6 meters wide.

The appearance of an animal, whose natural habitat is the saltwater Ocean, on a beach in Amazon's winter period research, according to Semma, that reported that there is a team gathering information to try to clear up the mystery.

The NGO water Animal biologists are on their way to verify the Soure cause of death of the animal. "They're going to do the autopsy. To the naked eye, no injuries. So we need to understand what culminated in the death of the whale, "says Katie Silva, Secretary for environment of Soure.


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Lugar: Marajó, State of Pará, Brazil