Puppy rescued after sheltering under car during thunderstorm in Thailand and getting stuck in wheel

A hapless puppy was rescued after sheltering from a storm and getting his head stuck in a car wheel.

The tiny pooch is believed to have been frightened by the thunder and lightning so darted under the vehicle in Chachoengsao, Thailand, on April 27.

However, the next morning a resident visiting the Buddhist temple where the car was parked noticed the little dog with his head stuck in the alloy rims.

Rescue workers responded to the unusual tire trouble. They arrived at the scene to see a black puppy poking its head through a wheel disc of a red Honda Civic.

The villager who made the emergency call, Namthip Ngamkham, 54, said that the monks had attempted to save their canine resident earlier in the morning but they did not have the tools needed.

Namthip believes the puppy was frightened by the thunderstorm during the night, hence it tried to find a place to hide and unfortunately found itself in this predicament.

He said: "It had been raining all night. The dog must have been scared of the thunder.''

Rescuers used their tire changing kit and carefully removed the wheel in order to free the puppy’s head.

The pooch appeared frightened at first, but then quickly started walking as rescuers observed it scampered away. The dog is now living in the grounds of the Wat Naruphai Pracha Bamrung temple where monks are watching over him.


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