Any entomologist? Ants moving their nest right in front of my door.

Need help! Looks like forest ants started to leave their nest and choosed my house as home, It wouldnt be much of a problem if they would build their nest next to my house, but looks like they choosed the one corner right in front of the door. 2 weeks ago after they built a same size nest in the same place as in video, I tryed to move them few metres away but next day they are already back building their nest the same spot. I used search engine to find solution, but most of it would be just to kill them what I dont want to do. Thats why Im trusting on liveleak to find any biologist, entomologist or any professional of ants to help me. I know they are moving away from their original nest, I saw them bringing larva into the cracks of the house. And their old nest whats ~50metres away is empty. Its a matter of ant colony! I found out that these ants dont eat wood, but theyr building tunnels within it, as this house is old and made out mostly of wood I need to understand how much these ants could damage the wood underneath and the house and in walls. Can they couse a serious damage? How do I move them?? I have a large Lilac bush few metres away - a good place for them to live there.
Any help apreciated!!!


By: dsxnevermind (80.60)

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