Moment cobra bites amateur snake rescuer after he tries to kiss it

This is the moment a venomous cobra bites an amateur snake rescuer on his lips after he tries to kiss it.

The rescuer started bleeding from his lips and had to be rushed to a hospital where he is recuperating.

Residents of Hosamane colony in Bhadravathi, South India spotted a snake in their neighbourhood on December 22 and called a local snake rescuer to catch it.

Sonu caught the snake easily and started playing with it to impress a large crowd that had gathered to see him in action.

He tried to kiss the cobra and the angry snake instantly bit him on his lips injecting venom. Sonu started bleeding but managed to keep his cool and put the snake in a bag.

After releasing the snake in a nearby forest, Sonu was taken to a government hospital.

An eyewitness, Krishna Kumar, 24, said: “Sonu wanted to mimic the stunts he had seen on YouTube. But instead of kissing the cobra from behind, he foolishly kissed it from the front and paid a price.”

Indian Snake expert Subhendu Mallik said: “These acts are illegal and many states have banned them. They are foolish and must be discouraged. In this particular video I can also see him making many errors in handling the snake.”



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