UK woman finds needle in her TOE after weeks of pain

This was the gruesome moment a mum from Hertfordshire had a needle that was stuck in her toe extracted after six weeks of pain.

The clip, filmed on May 29 shows Louisa pushing at the black dot on her toe before the needle seeps out much to her family's dismay.

After minutes of pushing at the needle, the family finally pull it out.

Sydney explains in an update on TikTok: "My mum was walking to the kitchen from the living room, and as she was she thought something bit her toe, but by the time she looked down nothing was there so she thought she missed it.

"As time went by it got worse and worse and I told her to go to the doctors but she didn't and as you can see the skin was getting dry and dead around the needle and whenever she touched it, the black dot would rise to the surface.

"She thought it was spiders' eggs - it was really bad. But she ended up with this needle in her toe for six weeks. Thank goodness she didn't get blood poisoning and lives to tell the tale." she continues.


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