Punk speeding on wrong side of road totals LiveLeaker's car. Aftermath photos.

Two idiot kids, possibly part of the opioid epidemic, were speeding on a residential street. Approaching a stop sign at a T intesection with a busy arterial, they crossed over and hit my car that was parked on the corner, knocking it well into the intersection and putting theirs on its roof.

I was on scene within 30 seconds, the doofuses were able to get their door open and crawl out, shaken but miraculously uninjured.

The impact smashed the air cleaner box through the distributor cap, after installing a replacement I was able to drive the car across the street to my shop on a flat/fender dragging. Volvos are pretty amazing cars that way. Had to porpoise my way in and out the broken driver window several times before finally getting it started. Luckily this particular car was slated for dismantling, I needed the AWD transmission for a different car I'm fixing.


By: Punky Rooster (876.68)

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