New chinese way to die coming soon to a motorhome dealer near you

An motorhome with two floors complete with an elevator to shuttle back and forth has been unveiled by Chinese automaker Maxus.
With travelers weary about staying in hotels or using public transport during the current pandemic, it could be the ideal time to purchase such a vehicle, although at $413,000 it doesn't come cheap.
The highlight of the vehicle is the roof which extends upwards to reveal an entire second floor including a balcony on which people can step out and take in the "view"..before inevitability dying inside the vehicle
The SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition RV, which was designed and built in china, with all the technology blatantly stolen, as usual (CuntFlare rings a bell anyone?) from every single country in the world and has a number of tricks up its sleeve to boost interior space of the vehicle by also using slide-out walls which expand when the Recreational Vehicle is parked up.
The ground floor provides 215 square feet of living space but once the powered pop-top is extended an additional 133 square feet can be enjoyed in the rooftop sunroom.


By: VagabundoR1 (11670.26)

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