Bus drives through floodwater after Typhoon Nakri hit the Philippines

This is the terrifying moment a bus had to power through 5ft deep floodwater from Typhoon Nakri in the Philippines.

Passenger Genesis Navarro from Abulug, Cagayan said that the vehicle the driver had no choice but to drive through the deluge in Cagayan, the Philippines, on November 8.

Genesis said: "We would have been trapped in the middle if he didn't go through. The driver appeared to know what he was doing as it was not the first time this happened."

Some of the flood water entered through the small gaps of the bus door, but it was able to cross the deluge safely.

Typhoon Nakri was only a tropical storm when this happened. It later strengthened into a Category 5 typhoon before it left the Philippines on November and headed to Vietnam where it made landfall.

The Cagayan province was placed under a state of calamity after the severe flooding in the region.


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