*NEW VIDEO* A car after a quarrel shot down two people and fled

In Chelyabinsk, after a quarrel in the yard, the driver knocked down two drunken men. An eerie hit video appeared on the Web.

On the frames of the video you can see how two men leave the entrance. Residents of the yard watching this from the windows. Obviously, the beginning of the conflict was behind the scenes.

As soon as the two men reached the middle of the yard, a VAZ car was driving at full speed on them. The driver purposefully knocks down opponents and tries to escape. However, he can not leave. Awful, but his car “stalled” on one of the victims. The infuriated driver continues to press the gas pedal.

Shocked eyewitnesses are screaming to others who are more likely to run away.

The driver is already detained.

" This fact is registered, currently being checked, " - reported in the local administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In what state the victims are not specified.



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