Man set fire to hospital over waiting time

(Google translate). A man revolted by the delay in the medical attention decided to set fire to the reception of the Bruno Born Hospital, located in Lajeado, in Rio do Sul. According to reports from witnesses who also waited for attendance at the the only hospital unit in the Taquari Valley, the suspect had been waiting for his young son for at least two hours.
The fire caused on Sunday night (1) caused the hospital to be closed indefinitely, according to the newspaper Zero Hora. After complaining about the delay in attendance, the child's father would have left the premises of Bruno Born and returned to the hospital with gasoline. He then asked the people to leave the premises and set fire to the reception, as reported by the police station where the crime was recorded. There were no injuries, only structural damage in the building. However, the smoke that spread would have led the team to remove the patients, some of them being treated at the site after inhaling smoke. The suspect then fled, but has already been identified by the police. "Everyone is still very psychologically shaken," says the note published by the Bruno Born Hospital, whose damaged area went through expertise on Monday morning (2). With the alleged destruction of the reception room of the service unit, the services remain suspended, damaging the entire region of the Taquari Valley. The residents were advised to go to the Lajeado Emergency Care Unit or to nearby hospitals. Also in the note, the hospital's management reported that the son of the author of the fire had already received medical attention the same day, the hospital and the UPA,



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