Trump asks where’s the whistleblower, USA asks where guilliani? Where’s trumps ethics, moral authority, integrity.

Trump tweets short and sweet after mueller report, still redacted but offering 500 pages, shows Ukraine started with trumps felon campaign manager Manafort in 2016. Where’s guilliani with his off the books slush fund splashing contract hits all over to get Biden’s dirt, which doesn’t exist. Why is trump so paranoid that he endorse multiple felonies.
Almost as much fun to watch as trump gets booed everywhere he goes with chants of lock him up. Doesn’t he realize he can’t go anywhere outside his cult rally’s of co conspirators.

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The Whistleblower has disappeared. Where is the Whistleblower?
1:57 PM - 2 Nov 2019
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Well the week should be great as the trump war room tweets into a seizure of admissions. Witness tampering, perjury, obstruction. Meme it up


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