Close call in traffic with slow motion Replay added

Yesterday i was driving my Volkswagen Sharan 7N large MPV (1860 kg or 4100 lb) on a priority road (DN13 part of E60 - European road network in Romania) when suddenly at an intersection with the DN13A (a Romanian National road) I almost totaled.
I know the location, the YIELD sign for the other driver is to small and too close to the intersection, and the view from distance is obstructed by the building. I provide the links for google Street View.
After the incident and not a possibly bad accident (I was driving at 60-70 km/h - 37-43 mph - when I saw him coming), I pressed the horn.
We stopped, he apologized, explained that they were in a long journey, tired, both of us were in some kind of shock, we even embraced each other, I was alone in the car but he was with his family.

Google street view:
My point of view:
Other driver's point of view:


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