Police release video of June fatal officer-involved shooting of 37-year-old man

Tulsa police officials identified the officer involved in a mid-June shooting and released graphic video of the incident the shows the fatal use of force.

Tulsa Police Officer Dean Montgomery, a 21-year veteran of the department, fatally shot Eric Portillo, 37, during a June 15 pursuit through parts of east Tulsa.

“I saw the gun in his hand,” Montgomery says in the video. “If someone can get to the intersection and let us know the crime we’re dealing with, if we have a SWIK [shooting with intent to kill], a homicide or just shots fired?”

Portillo had allegedly fired the gun during the pursuit. Police said at the time that Portillo had pistol-whipped and shot at a man at a convenience store near 21st Street and Garnett Road before leading officers on a pursuit.

Montgomery and an officer-in-training were headed back to their division about 12:40 p.m. when they heard gunshots coming from Joy Mart, a convenience store on the corner of 21st Street and Garnett Road. A police spokeswoman in June said two witnesses saw a man with a gun get into a car with a female driver and flee.

The woman bailed from the car mid-pursuit and Portillo allegedly took over and continued fleeing in the car, a silver sedan.

Portillo drove at slow speeds for about 10 minutes through neighborhood streets on at least one flat tire before meeting a dead end. He abandoned the vehicle in a cul-de-sac and fled on foot.

“Gun’s in hand, gun’s in hand!” the officer-in-training says in the video when Portillo tries to flee on foot.

The field training officer, Montgomery, fired his gun multiple times. Portillo fell to the ground in apparent pain. Responding officers ordered Portillo to crawl and then to roll toward them.

Portillo is seen in the video attempting to comply with the “crawl” and “roll” commands.

“I’m going to die,” Portillo says in the video.


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