Shocking moment man dressed as Santa STABBED on NYC subway by 'old, drunk, homophobic' man

The shocking moment is captured when a man dressed as Santa is attacked and stabbed by an "old, drunk man spewing homophobic slurs" on a subway train in Queens, New York on Sunday evening (December 15), according to the filmer.

"[An] old drunk man [was] spewing homophobic slurs to women on the train [when] the two men in Santa costumes yelled back and forth with him for a while trying to stop him," said the filmer.

But the man "was relentless so the gentlemen had to take action," according to the filmer.

"The old man then took out a knife and stabbed the one in the white sweatshirt in the leg. The cops came and he was resisting arrest for quite a while," said the filmer.


By: NewsFlare (94350.00)

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