Police Officer In Viral Off-Duty Incident Has Been Relieved of Duty

A local off-duty police officer seen in a video yelling at a man has been relieved from duties while the incident is investigated, according to the St. Joseph Police Department.

The off-duty officer seen in the video is Brandon Harrison of the St. Joseph Police Department, according to a press release from police officials. He can be heard at one point seeming to threaten the other man, who asks if officers should behave that way.

"I'm not working right now, I'm on vacation. I will (expletive) you up," Harrison said to the man.

In the video, Harrison accuses the man of hitting his car and says he witnessed it and then alleges that the man is lying to the uniformed officer.

"You don't lie to her about that ... I just watched you hit me," Harrison can be heard saying in the video, which contained profanity. "Tell that to a ... judge and see who they ... believe."

Capt. Jeff Wilson of the SJPD said he could not go into details about the incident while the investigation is ongoing, but he said a vehicle was struck. Officials did not say when the incident happened.

The man in the video, who has not been identified officially, does sit when he is told to by the uniformed officer. He also requests to have a sheriff's deputy on the scene and asks the uniformed officer to stop getting in his vehicle.

A press release sent to News-Press NOW from Wilson states that an investigation is underway. It added that Harrison has been moved to non-police duties.

"The details of this incident are currently being investigated by the department and the involved officer has been relieved from official police duties and placed on administrative duty, pending the outcome of the investigation," it reads.

The department also commented on the responsibility to police professionally in the statement.

"Police officers are the most conspicuous representatives of government and, to the majority of people, they are a symbol of stability and authority upon which they can rely," the release states. "Unbecoming conduct on the part of police officers adversely affects the operations of the department and ultimately destroys public confidence in it. All matters involving officer misconduct allegations are and will be investigated by the department."

Harrison has been a member of the St. Joseph Police Department since January of last year.

No records of tickets or a probable cause statement were available at the Buchanan County courthouse regarding the incident Monday, but an employee of the City Prosecutor's Office said tickets sometimes take several days to process.


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