Just footprints in the sand

This is for the people who talk politics on this site, who don't upload videos, who use the word libtard, or who claim the site is the problem. This is for the commentators who are too to upload. The people who blame everyone but themselves . This is for the children who moan about their freedom of expression being censored when they can't say idiotic things.

this is for the people who consistently go out of their way to down vote content have a closeted inferiority complex.

this is for the provocateurs.

IT is one message.


Say Nothing at all..

Do some pressups

Go find the real world person who is making sound like a child and confront them with your anxiety

Or stop being an afraid .. and actually make a video

All that is wrong with liveleak, is that from time to time is the taken over of a bunch those who just write comments and never upload videos. It is so much easier , so they set out to make this.. rather than let people upload, making sure that their own fears were projected onto anyone who uploaded.

Then the moaning ensues and in fairness it makes it look like a bunch of idiots.

What has happened in the past is when all these commenting idiots destroy the place they get bored, leave and a whole new bunch of people come and rebuild it.

So off pop , best of luck... I'll close the door and the sea will clean the footprints


By: OwenHiggins (3729.44)

Tags: times change, changing of the guard, old, liveleakers