EU leaders give Trump the finger

Trump declared Golan Heights as officially belonging to Israel last week. But the rest of the world don't agree as Israel has been illegally occupying it, against international law. Just because Trump and Netanhayu have become butt buddies does not mean that the rest of the world agrees with what Orangeman says - in fact they are sick and tired of him and wish him gone. Everyone has had enough of his bullying ways and besides, the Golan Heights is NOT Trump's so how can he possibly give it to Israel or even recognize it as belonging to Israel? What a corrupt fool.

Even the UN has declared that Israel does NOT own the Golan Heights and that they can't start extracting oil and gas from there (US company Genie Oil and Gas exploration has already started drilling there).

Pure theft from modern day pirates USA and Israel. US is abusing its military might and is turning the whole world against. it. The corrupt American politicians claim the Israel is a close ally, but it is a one way street, Israel demands and USA gives it what it wants. Meanwhile US taxpayers dollars are being wasted in fighting Israeli wars.


By: The Turd (783.60)

Tags: WTF, thieving scumbags, USA and Israel, Golan Heights, illegal occupation.

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