Europe is in big trouble

Tensions are running high in Europe with a history of paranoia and mistrust. The rhetoric being used raises the concern of a military escalation. And now there are massive war and political games that will only add to the combustible situation.

Recently, US formally withdrawn from nuclear treaty with Russia and prepares to test new missile, raising fears of a new arms race.

In turn, chairman of the Russian Council's Foreign Affairs Committee Konstantin Kosachev told: “US allies who choose to place American intermediate and short-range missiles on their territory are agreeing to become a potential nuclear target.”

It is known that NATO military planners and Eastern European governments are fear sudden appearance of so-called “green men” on the borders of the EU. That's why NATO has stationed troops and military hardware in the Baltic States on a “persistent” basis.

But it becomes apparent that these concerns about an intentional Russian military attack are misguided. History can provide us with a warning that many in eastern EU and NATO member states seem to have forgotten.

The real risk is not a Russian attack, but a misunderstanding of Russian intentions. The war games have already shown a risk of human error. Accidental missile launch could be misinterpreted by tense military forces in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia as the start of an attack, resulting in a military response by a NATO member...

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By: Jonas Dringelis (54.00)

Tags: Baltic states and Poland, NATO violates Treaties, NATO troops, NATO–Russia Founding Act, Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty