The Ottoman Empire

Oh monk! Don't condemn us
Our tongue prays the name of the-God*
Don't name it as a legend
Our way reaches to the-God

You can't count us with fingers (we're countless and unknown)
We don't run out by massacre
Just by asking us to the public
You can't know what we are

We follow the way of the saints
We stand back and walk to the-God
We exercise the holy war (educating ourselves)
Our master teacher is "Ali"**

Saints have many ways
We confirmed them all
They think we're lunatics
It's better than being tamed

The one who says "the-God is one" is not lunatic
The one who says "the-God" is being blessed
Every morning our rose is reached to the spring (good-days, heavens)
And never wilts

Muhyi, the wisdom is given to you
Is worth your life if you have the love (of God)
'A' stands for Allah, 'M' stands for Muhammad
Our branch is our shade-cover


By: Tuğkan (166.40)

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