Russia prepares a breakthrough with creation of underwater aircraft carriers

Instead of copying American aircraft carrier projects, Russian designers should think about developing “fundamentally new solutions that cannot be found within the framework of the current dogma scheme,” writes main Russian military media Zvezda Weekly.

“Why not think about the revolutionary new concept of such a ship? For example, about an underwater aircraft carrier with aircraft that would be on board a huge launch complex hidden deep in the ocean and could launch right from there, without its rise to the surface. And then again dive into the ocean and moor to the side of the underwater airfield, ”the publication said.

It is noted that such a "submarine aircraft carrier" could be equipped with an aircraft product that combines the capabilities of "an airplane, a mini-submarine, and even a rocket."

According to the publication, the project in development of the Russian atomic aircraft carrier 11430E "Manatee" is already outdated. “Well, we fail on and on, trying to create a carrier, completely copied off from a questionable American model. And this secondary nature in itself is a guarantee of failure, ”the weekly writes.

In July, military expert Dmitry Boltenkov explained the "flawed image" of the only Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov with the poverty of the USSR.

In the same month, the head of the Bureau of Military-Political Analysis, Alexander Mikhailov, estimated the creation of a 360-meter nuclear aircraft carrier of Project 11430E Lamantin at half a trillion rubles (eight billion dollars).

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