Filipino nurses play amusing game drawing lots to choose who avoids Covid-19 ward

Nurses try to cheer themselves up after a long shift at the hospital by playing a "charge nurse elimination" game.

Nurse Rodney Lim said that the COVID-19 cases have spiked in their hometown Cebu City, Philippines so it was a relief for them to be assigned as the "charge nurse."

A charge nurse oversees the needs of the non-coronavirus patients in the hospital, as well as miscellaneous tasks such as checking the other staff and talking to a patient's family who has concerns.

The task is physically tolling but most nurses prefer the role instead of being assigned to the COVID-19 ward.

The team draw names from a hat and last person standing takes care of the charge nurse role.

Rodney said: "Being a charge nurse is tiring, but it feels like a rest day for us during this pandemic."

In the video taken on July 25, Rodney and colleagues Hanna, Raquel, and Jacoba play the game by drawing lots.

Rodney added: "He said, "We just want to have fun even for a while. We are not escaping our responsibilities since we love what we are doing as a nurse.

"We just do this to relieve our worries this pandemic is giving to us. As nurses, we live because we care.

The number of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines has jumped to 115,980, with a death toll of 2,123


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