The Fragile POS Libtard Millennial Pete Davidson Has A Tantrum & Bails On His Audience

What a little bitch, a stupid Trump hating entitled pos millennial who can't handle life or hold onto any girl it seems, as they always break up with the loser shortly after getting to know him lol. What a loser this Trump hating moron is haha. I love watching his life circle the toilet bowl as life overwhelms his fragile little mind, even though he has basically had every dream opportunity one could ask for in life, yet he still can't handle adulting.
Everyone seems to be turning on this loser now too as they get sick and tired of his fragile inferior behavior and ignorance, and can see what a loser he actually is, so as is usual with these types of fragile leftist clowns, his close friends will more than likely now have to watch his whittle feelings closely again so he doesn't get all suicidal, because once again the poor little snowflake millennial can't handle life. Just another stupid libtard hollywood bozo who isn't funny either btw, lol.

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By: BigBensSack (1591.40)

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