Transgender Father Gets Pregnant

Wow.... he's got a bun in the oven!

"Published on Feb 8, 2019
How to begin - how to describe this very unorthodox family. Well, first there's Cai. He was born a girl. Then there's Emily. She was born a boy. Two young people who grew up in a state of utter confusion. Feeling so alone, so different. Yet Cai and Emily met, fell in love and were married. Now that may seem strange in itself but it's just the beginning. Enter little Dante, the baby who was supposed to be a medical impossibility. Impossible because Emily can't have children. So, you're about to find out just what happens when it's dad who has the baby."


By: TangDynasty (3203.80)

Tags: WTF, transgender, Australia, gender dysphoria, surgery, 60 minutes