Trump self impeaching? Trump mentally unfit. Trump behaviour is unhinged as Pelosi correctly strategize that trump will take himself out.

Trump may take himself out of the race in 2020 before it starts. His self immolation publically has been a thousand cuts self torture but he may have hit an artery on his last tweet falsely accusing Clinton’s of epstien death. Think of it as Obama birther statement part deux.

On Saturday, the president of the United States retweeted a conspiracy theory video claiming Bill and Hillary Clinton had a hand in the death of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The big picture: The news media did not treat this as a major story; the Sunday New York Times editors found a few inches for it on page 21. Times' columnist Ross Douthat captured the collective shrug in his tweet: "Dear God, next thing you know the president will accuse a political rival's family of being implicated in the JFK assassination!" (A reference to Trump's 2016 smear of Ted Cruz's father.)

Behind the scenes: I asked a senior White House official whether anybody internally did anything about the Clinton tweet. "I think we're beyond the point of trying to control these things," the official said.

White House officials, including press staff, say they rarely receive any forewarning before the president tweets something incendiary.
On the occasions they do get a heads-up, it's from Dan Scavino, the White House social media director who manages Trump's Twitter account.
Two sources familiar told me that on at least a few occasions, Scavino has taken dictation on an incendiary tweet from Trump, saved the tweet to drafts and given a small number of his colleagues advanced warning that this particular tweet might be coming.
But it's just a heads-up. Two and a half years into his presidency, Trump has kept his @realDonaldTrump Twitter account entirely his own.

On Saturday, the President of the United States retweeted a comedian's conspiratorial tweet, suggesting the Clintons may have been involved in the suicide of financier Jeffrey Epstein. That's right, President Donald Trump suggested that former President Bill Clinton was involved in murder.

It turns out Speaker Nancy Pelosi might have been onto something when she talked about Trump being "almost self-impeaching" several months ago. This August, Trump seems to be on a path of impeaching himself.

Well good luck to you donny, you will be arrested when you lose 2020 for obstruction anyways. The question after trump turns on everyone in Washington then American citizens, will the flames of trump destruction invade post 2020. A list of trump unhinged tweets and accusations.

Barack Obama wasn't born in the US
A rival's father was in on the John F. Kennedy assassination
The 2016 presidential election was rigged against him even though he won
Millions voted illegally for Hillary Clinton
The US government spied on his campaign
There's a deep state of bureaucrats organized against him
The special counsel appointed by his Justice Department was actually a witch hunt organized by Democrats


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