Boy takes down bullying female classmate, mom says school could have prevented it

" A Noblesville mother says school could have prevented the fight and has filed a formal complaint against the school district alleging they failed to address bullying, racism and her son’s special needs.

Rebecca Ligler’s son Elijah, a 16-year old sophomore at Noblesville High School, was involved in a fight with another student. Elijah was expelled and can’t return to the district until July 31, 2020, records show. The video was used as evidence in Elijah’s expulsion.

Elijah’s mother says there’s a lot more to the story and that the district could have prevented the incident in the first place by providing her son special services. Elijah is a native of Alaska, and his mother says he’s endured repeated bullying because of his race.

The complaint says Elijah suffers from depression and anxiety, and the district went against the opinion of their own school psychologist and denied Elijah special education services. Elijah could still face criminal charges for the incident. "

Happened in Noblesville, Indiana, United States



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